7th International Conference on Machine Control & Guidance Proceedings



Topics 2021:

  • Absolute and relative positioning
  • Sensor fields of application in mobile machinery
  • Data acquisition and evaluation for process optimization
  • Dynamic modelling and simulation
  • Methods for the simulation and design of machines and work processes
  • Guidance and SLAM applications in mobile machinery
  • Autonomous and automated mobile machinery
  • Communication and connected systems (IoT)
  • Development of components, drive systems and controls



Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alfred Ulrich, Kölner Labor für Baumaschinen (research group of the Cologne Institute of Construction Machinery and Agricultural Engineering) - TH Köln

Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Piotr Dudzinski, Department of Off-Road Machine and Vehicle Engineering - TU Wroclaw


E-Mail: mcg2021@mobilearbeitsmaschine.de

Website: www.mcg2021.mobilearbeitsmaschine.de